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Cuisinart 3 Quart Chef's Classic Sauce Pan

Last Modified: 01/29/09
First Published: 01/29/09
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Views: 329

Brand & Type: Cuisinart 3 Quart Chef's Classic Sauce Pan

Price range: medium, around $20

Rating: 6

Description: 3 Quart stainless steel sauce pan

Pros: stainless steel.

Cons: sandwich base.

Conclusion: Cuisinart makes a nice line of cookware but we usually stay away from pans that have a sandwich bottom layer. They tend to have thick bottoms and retain heat well but because the metal is not even up the sides there can be hot spots. Also when the bottom is very thick it can take 5 - 8 minutes to heat the pan up.

This 2 quart pot/pan is a nice item but the bottom ruins it for us.