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Cuisinart 14 cup Stainless Steel Food Processor

Last Modified: 02/07/09
First Published: 04/02/07
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Views: 2472

Brand & Type: Cuisinart 14 cup stainless steel Food Processor

Price range: Highcuisinart 14 cup food processor

Rating: 9

Description: Stainless steel finish, heavy food processor with 4 attachments/blades.

Pros: Feels like a real tool, not too light. This food processor has a strong motor and a good solid feel. The bowl is large and cleans easily. The whole unit has a clean nice look.

Cons: May be a little large for a small kitchen, and some kitchens may not need a food processor at all. The food tube could be larger too.

Conclusion: This is an excellent food processor and we have been testing it for over a year. We have had zero mechanical problems. The 4 blades are easy to clean and work very well. The main blade is stainless steel and is likely to be used the most. We have used it from everything to pesto to grinding/shredding chuck and sirloin for hamburgers. cuisinart food processorThe dough blade also has worked very well for pizza dough, but we have not used it too much. We do like the shredding blade very much for coleslaw, potato pancakes, carrots and many other vegetables. The slicing blade is the last blade our model came with and is used the least. We have just not had the occasion to need it yet.