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Cleaning a Cast Iron Grill Pan

Last Modified: 12/07/08
First Published: 12/07/08
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Views: 529

One annoying thing to do is clean up a large cast iron pot or pan once is has been messed up by cooking meat or anything sticky. Since you do not want to use any soap or cleaning detergent on the nicely seasoned pan you sometimes have a hard time cleaning it.

A great way to prevent a lot of clean up with a cast iron grill pan is to coat the bottom of the pan with regular table salt.

Recently we made homemade hambugers and coated the bottom of a 12 inch cast iron grill pan with a bunch of table salt.

After the burgers cooked there was less to clean up since the salt absorbed much of the fat and mess. And once it went under hot water most of the mess washed away easily and it did not ruin the seasoning.