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Chicago Cutlery Chilean Cherry Hardwood Cutting Board

Last Modified: 11/13/09
First Published: 08/24/09
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Views: 1112
Brand & Type: Chicago Cutlery Chilean Cherry Hardwood Cutting Board, 13-1/2-by-9-1/2-Inch

Price range: low, around $16

Rating: 6

Description: hardwood cutting board.

Pros: wood construction, hardwood.

Cons: well around board.

Conclusion: We have found that wood cutting boards are the best to use for keeping your knives in good shape, but there are different types of wood that work in different ways. Bamboo is a very strong wood but we have found that it is not the best for a cutting board. It is a little slower for cutting than walnut or other hard woods, but it will last a long time.

This board is made from cherry so it will work a little faster with you knife than a bamboo board. The only point that we do not like so much is the well around the board. It depends on what you are using the board for. It is not as easy to slide cut vegetables off this type of board, but if you are using it to cut meat, or let meat rest then board can hold the juices from off the counter top.