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Cake Pans from Kohls

Last Modified: 04/10/08
First Published: 04/07/08
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Views: 680

These cake pans from Kohls are very nice with straight high sides that are very much what you need to prepare the perfect confection.

Kohls has a great selection of cookware and these pans are just some of what is available.

Food Network Round Cake Pans

Baking is a piece of cake with these professional-grade cake pans. They are the perfect recipe for all your kitchen needs.

Food Network Round Pans


Pyrex Professional Square Cake Pan

Baking is a piece of cake with this handy Pyrex pan. Featuring a durable, commercial weight steel construction for even heating. And a nonstick finish for easy cleaning and quick release of your favorite desserts. With wider handles for safe lifting. Plus, permanently stamped portion guides, so you can cut out equal pieces every time. Just the innovation you've been waiting for!

Pyrex Square Baking Pan

Baker's Secret Basics Round Cake Pan

Take the round about way. And add this pan to your bakeware collection before it's too late. Featuring a two-ply steel construction that gives you long-lasting use, so you can bake your favorite cakes, time after time. And it's fortified with an Electro-Tin Plating to enhance durability and provide protection against rusting. With a nonstick interior for quick food release and effortless cleanup. And a special coating to provide even browning. Plus, it has convenient handles for safe, easy lifting in and out of the oven.

Baker'sSecret Cake Pan

These cake pans are available from