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Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Maker Thermofresh Home Brewer

Last Modified: 04/09/08
First Published: 04/01/08
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Views: 328

Brand & Type: Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Maker Thermofresh Home Brewer

Price range: high, around $150

Rating: 7Bunn O Matic Coffee Maker Thermofresh

Description: 10 cup, 50 ounce coffee maker.

Pros: Unbreakable, 50 oz. double-wall carafe, internal thermostat.

Cons: 10 cup capacity may be too small, glass carafe.

Conclusion: This commercial quality coffee maker is new from Bunn. We like their design and temperature controls. Great for offices.

From the manufacturer:

"Revolutionize your morning mug. Exceptionally brewed and always piping hot, coffee from the brilliant Bunn-O-Matic rivals that of any café."

The Bunn Coffee Maker is available at Macys