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Bowl Set - Martha Stewart Collection from Macy's

Last Modified: 04/13/08
First Published: 04/07/08
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Views: 2793

Martha Stewart has many products, in many categories, and these work bowls are colorful and come in a variety of sizes. Martha Stewart has some exclusive products with Macy's that are available nowhere else. These bowls are made of anything from silicone to the new plastic melamine.

You can never have too many work bowls and mixing bowls and these are perfect for any kitchen.


Martha Stewart Collection 6-Piece Blue Melamine Bowl Set

"An elegant necessity to match your modern kitchen, this stunning set of six mixing bowls is styled in a gorgeous blue gradation. Not only impressive for their convenience, these bowls are also exceptionally durable."

Martha Stewart Melamine Bowl Set

Martha Stewart Collection 5-Piece Blue Ceramic Bowl Set

"There's something special about a nice ceramic bowl; it's the weight and substance that make mixing easier. These five bowls, brilliant in blue, are sure to be with you for many meals."

Martha Stewart Ceramic Bowl Set

Martha Stewart Collection Multi-Color Prep Bowls, Set of 6

"Keep your cooking organized by laying out your ingredients in this rainbow assortment of six mini prep bowls. They'll add a vibrant dash of color to your kitchen while helping you keep your countertops clean and clutter-free."

Martha Stewart Prep Bowl Set

Martha Stewart Collection Silicone Pinch Bowls

"A pinch here and a dash there - cooking is so much easier when important spices and seasonings are spread out beforehand. This colorful collection of pinch bowls adds a little fun and energy to any recipe"

Martha Stewart Pinch Bowls

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