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All Clad 9 inch Stainless Steel French Skillet

Last Modified: 01/24/09
First Published: 01/24/09
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Views: 477

Brand & Type: All Clad 9 inch Stainless Steel French Skillet

Price range: High, around $80

Rating: High

Description: 9 inch stainless steel French Skillet.

Pros: Like all All-Clad products, this pan is made of great quality. The size is great when making sauces or using a lot of oil to make whipped fluffy eggs. It is heavy and sturdy and the thick uniform steel heats evenly.

Cons: High Price.

Conclusion: This is a piece most people probably do not need. That said it is great to create sauces in and is constructed of the same great materials as other All Clad products. Also, this is a hard pan to find at stores since most people do not use this style.