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All Clad 8 inch LTD Stainless Steel Fry Pan

Last Modified: 01/27/09
First Published: 01/26/09
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Brand & Type: All-Clad 8 inch LTD Stainless Steel Frying Pan

Price range: relatively low, around $40

Rating: high

Description: 8 inch stainless steel fry pan

Pros: Great construction, nice handle, nice exterior finish

Cons: none.

Conclusion: We have a few of the LTD All Clad pieces and we like the finish very much. And as for the pan itself, this 8 inch frying pan is one of the overall best sizes to have for most kitchen cooking. We recommend having more than one. And at around $40 you can afford to have a few.

Overall it is has a great design and construction, and it should last forever.