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All Clad 3 Quart Saucier with Lid

Last Modified: 01/24/09
First Published: 01/24/09
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Views: 375

Brand & Type: All Clad 3 Quart Saucier with Lid

Price range: High, around $150

Rating: Very High

Description: All Clad 3 Quart Saucier with Lid.

Pros: Like all All-Clad products, this pan is made of great quality. Great design for sauces.

Cons: High Price.

Conclusion: This is one of our favorite pieces since the only other company that makes anything like it is Viking, but both are very expensive, especially the Viking (around $200 or so). Most people do not need a pot/pan like this but since we cook a lot we like to use it for cheese sauces, heating up vegetables and much more.