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All Clad 12 inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan

Last Modified: 01/26/09
First Published: 01/24/09
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Views: 352

Brand & Type: All-Clad 12 inch Stainless-Steel Fry Pan

Price range: High, around $150

Rating: High

Description: Large 12 inch stainless steel frying pan.

Pros: Like all All-Clad products, this pan is made of great quality. The size is great when frying many chicken breasts or pork tenderloin. It is heavy and sturdy and the thick uniform steel heats evenly.

Cons: This size is too large for some tasks. High Price.

Conclusion: Most of the time, unless you have a large family the 12 inch may be too large. We also like a 10 inch stainless to have around for smaller portions. This pan creates a great crust and should last a lifetime.