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All Clad 11 inch Non-Stick French Skillet

Last Modified: 01/24/09
First Published: 01/24/09
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Views: 416

Brand & Type: All Clad 11 inch Non-Stick French Skillet

Price range: High, around $100

Rating: Medium

Description: 11 inch non-stick stainless steel French Skillet.

Pros: Like all All-Clad products, this pan is made of great quality. It is heavy and sturdy and the thick uniform steel heats evenly.

Cons: High Price, non-stick.

Conclusion: This is a piece most people probably do not need. We are not big fans of non-stick. They tend not to last for a lifetime. But we do use them a lot. Except that we like cheaper Farberware pans that do a great job. Also, this is a hard pan to find at stores since most people do not use this style.