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All-Clad 3 Quart LTD Sauce Pan with Lid

Last Modified: 01/26/09
First Published: 01/26/09
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Views: 374

Brand & Type: All-Clad 3 Quart LTD Sauce Pan

Price Range: High, around $175

Rating: High

Description: 3 quart stainless steel 18/10 construction with straight sides and flat bottom. LTD exterior finish. Handle is reinforced with steel rivets to stay secure. Has a lifetime quaranty and handcrafted in the USA.

Pros: The LTD finish is nice and easy to clean, and the straight sides are made to add liquid like wines or stock, thereby minimizing liquid evaporation during long or slow simmering.

Cons: None

Conclusion: Beautiful sauce pan for vegetables, grains or cereals or making candy. It just looks so classic and elegant that everything tastes better. Made to last a lifetime. We really like the 3 quart size for rice, boiling potatoes and cooking vegetables.