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All-Clad 10 inch Copper-Core Fry Pan

Last Modified: 01/27/09
First Published: 01/27/09
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Views: 257

Brand & Type: All-Clad 10 inch Copper-Core Fry Pan

Price range: High, around $180

Rating: 10

Description: 10 inch copper core frying pan.

Pros: Like all All-Clad products, this copper core frying pan is made to last. Good size.

Cons: Price. The biggest issue with this pan, although very nice, is the price.

Conclusion: This is a great pan. The copper core conducts heat better than anything else available. We really like using copper cookware and if it was not for the price this pan would be unmatched. The 10 inch is perfect for most uses. We find that these are a great size to sautee pearl onions for sauces or sear meats and create sauces.