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Last Modified: 10/23/11
First Published: 10/23/11
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Views: 483

On my windowsill I have a few flowers and a few herbs (disregard the dusty window and focus on the sweet basil). At this window I do my dishes and think about food, flavors, ingredients, weird combinations and so forth. The purchase of some green kale and white beans can lead to a sort of obsession where the possible combinations of these few things take up way too much of my mental time and focus.

I very much enjoy when this happens and I can't stop thinking of the possibilities that white beans and greens together have to offer, or whatever the focus might be. And isn't it wonderful when so simple things can make you thoroughly happy and content?

Hopefully this corner of the Culinary Review will be filled with thoughts from my kitchen. Relevant, irrelevant and sometimes pretty ingenious if I were to say so myself...

2011 October