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Last Modified: 10/23/11
First Published: 10/23/11
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Views: 667

With so many different squash and pumpkin varieties these days at well stocked grocery stores and farmer's markets, it's difficult not to become carried away. Gleaming with bright colors and featuring unusual shapes, I really feel like buying one of each, just to see what each one tastes like. Butternut, spaghetti, delicata, buttercup, weird looking red ones etc…! I buy one, or maybe two and almost hope for a complete flavor surprise, something unexpected and unusual, however in the end it seems like most of them tastes rather similar, and I can't help but to feel a bit disappointed.

The want to discover new foods seem to be limited to a portion of the population. Lots of people are very happy cooking dishes using the same old recipe with the same ingredients and don't see any reason why you should ever change it. Perhaps there are only a few of us out there whose heart's pump a bit harder when we see something we haven't already tried. Beautiful, large red speckled beans that you have no idea what to make with at first sight, however your mind starts running wild with the various possibilities. Who cares if the price tag is higher than pinto beans, that seems like a small price to pay for the sake of discovery. Or how about the array of cabbages out there? Even though I tend to end up buying old fashioned green or red cabbage (mainly because I can't resist that low price tag - it just seems like such a bargain), I can't help but wondering what all those varieties would taste like. Sometimes I pick up something new when I visit the supermarket, and it becomes sort of a game, a treat if you may.

Perhaps I should be happy I'm this easily amused. Would I care for a Prada bag or Marc Jacobs shoes? Sure, but I am just as happy (or almost anyway!) when I have a new vegetable to play with in my kitchen…  

2011 October