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Onion, Pecorino Ramono, Prosciutto Pizza

Last Modified: 07/10/10
First Published: 06/28/10
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Views: 543

Creating a pizza is more than just red tomato sauce, cheese and crust. The concept of pizza allows just about any combination of ingredients you can throw together. Tomato-mozzarella-basil is classic, tomato-?cheese?-pepperoni is normal, pesto as a topping is workable - pesto replacing tomato sauce is better. And a pesto pizza works well with feta, black olives and red onions.

But with all these combinations, if the ingredients are not managed well they can get out of hand. In trying to go with a simpler set of compatible ingredients we came up with white onions (diced), pecorino romano and prosciutto. Three ingredients seems to be the magic number with pizza. A good crust with a combination of three distinct flavors is just about perfect.

To add even more flavor we wanted to cook the whole thing on the grill. You want to manage your heat carefully so you don't burn the crust, but as long as you use fewer coals (or lower heat) and the grill cover you can really get something different out of your normal pizza night.