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Basil, Tomato, Fontina Pizza on the Grill

Last Modified: 06/30/10
First Published: 06/28/10
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Views: 556

Grilling a pizza is a great way to be outside as well as attain that great smokey grill flavor.

We based this pizza on a no-sauce design. So we took a few really ripe tomatoes and placed them in a cast iron pan directly on the grill, and closed the top. After a few minutes turn them to get both sides done.

Then add the tomatoes, fontina and basil on the dough. We used a pizza peel and placed the pizza directly on to the grill surface. Cover the pizza with the grill lid and give it about 8 minutes or so. The bottom will become really crispy.

If you want both sides crispy just wait with the toppings and cook both sides of the pizza dough on the grill first, then put the toppings on and just melt the cheese.