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Brine (Brining)

Last Modified: 09/10/10
First Published: 09/10/10
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Views: 655
A brine is a solution of salt, water and seasonings which is used to either preserve or flavor food. Traditionally, brinebrining was used to preserve meat, fish and vegetables. When you pickle vegetables, you also utilize the method of brining. Another example of brining includes feta cheese and halloumi under which process they age and get their distinctive salty flavor.

Most commonly in the home cook's kitchen, brining is used to impart extra flavor in meat, usually pork or turkey. When you let a pork tenderloin or a turkey submerge in a salt, spice and water solution over night you will end up with a much juicier, more flavorful piece of cooked meat. The brine basically moves the salt into the meat and it penetrates the cells. As you leave the meat in the brine, the water will move in and out of the meat and distribute the salt levels evenly. You can brine something and get results in as little as two hours, or for a larger cut of meat or a whole bird you probably want to do it overnight.