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Food Ingredient Calorie and Cost Information Online Database

Last Modified: 06/17/12
First Published: 12/09/07
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Views: 11103


Information about ingredients are approximate values. Prices for ingredients are subject to change and represent averages in the United States.

Note: each ingredient has its own density so when you want to convert from mass to volume each ingredient may have a different value. We provide these values on each ingredient in our database. You may browse our ingredients here.

You can also view all the categories of ingredients where have.


Calorie content per serving is approximate and based on the number of servings the recipe calls for.

It is best to use the price and calorie information as a guide.

From time to time we will update prices as they change. Regional price differences in the United States, or other regions of the world are not reflected.

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Measurement Note:

The ingredients in recipes may be denoted in metric or standard, which is based on how the information about the ingredient was entered in our database. You may use our calculator to translate any amount from metric or standard as needed.