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Last Modified: 10/24/08
First Published: 10/10/07
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Views: 1155

The Culinary Review offers an online food and cooking resource focused on the cost and calories of food and recipes. Through our unique, freely available database of food costs, density conversions and calories, we translate common recipes, as well as those from famous TV chefs, and provide clear-cut information such as total cost, cost per serving, total calorie content and calories per serving. Capuccino_martini

Visitors can gain a better understanding regarding the food we all eat through this program where anybody can convert an ingredient and see for example how many tablespoons make up three ounces of flour or how much 50 pounds of sugar costs… It is possible to browse or price out any recipe by its ingredients as well as find out more information regarding an ingredient from any recipe.

The Culinary Review is also focused on exploring the relationship between food, cost and behavior to promote cooking at home. The rising cost of food around the world is forcing people to look at food and cooking with more careful eyes. We believe that by educating people about food, cooking, and everything that encompasses (cooking techniques and methods, calories of different kinds of food, cost of food etc…) we can help home chefs and cooks to make better choices for them and their families. Cooking can and should be a end in itself and not simple a means to an end since cooking at home fulfills various important functions such as cost-effective living, control over the quality of your food, as well as entertainment since cooking enables people to spend time together in a meaningful way.

The Culinary Review aims to offer a down-to-earth cooking resource that factors in these several aspect of cooking such as price, level of effort and result. Too often, recipes are not reasonable in their approach and call for many different and hard-to-find ingredients that drive up the cost of recipes, many times unnecessarily. By clearly showing what each recipes is made with, i.e. the amount, the cost and the calorie of each ingredient, the chef can better understand and see what drives up the cost of each recipe as well as where the calories hide.
Visit The Culinary Review for clear-cut information, interesting comparisons, tips and advice for cooking and more. Cooking at home should be fun and interesting as well as reasonable and cost-effective and we wish to bring these various aspects together.

If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, please feel free to write us.