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Whole Rye Berries

Last Modified: 01/31/12
First Published: 01/31/12
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Views: 590

Whole rye berries

Ingredient Information

Rye Berries, Whole
Price: $0.27
Calories: 396.00
Volume: 0.66
Whole rye berries can be used in baking and cooking and provide a good source of fiber. Rye is actually a type of grass and is perhaps most commonly used in bread. If you're looking for a substitute to whole barley, spelt or whole wheat berries, then this is an excellent option.

These berries are commonly used in German pumpernickel and other types of bread and provide a nutty texture and a deep and hearty taste. 

In order to cook rye berries they need to boil for at least an hour to get soft and plump.