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Making Pineapple Curd for Shortbread

Last Modified: 10/04/09
First Published: 10/04/09
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Views: 762
pineapple curd

Pineapple Curd Topping for Shortbread

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General Info
Servings: 10
Total Cost: $1.33
Cost Per Serving: $0.13
Total Calories: 812
Calories/Serving: 81
Pineapple, Chunks (1 can with juice) * 12.00 Ounces $0.61 146
Butter, Unsalted 2 Tablespoons 28.00 Grams $0.13 200
Salt, Table 1/4 Teaspoon 1.50 Grams $0.00 0
Brown Sugar, Packed 1/4 Cup 55.00 Grams $0.16 207
Corn Starch 1 1/2 Tablespoon 15.00 Grams $0.07 53
Egg Yolks (2 egg yolks) * 34.00 Grams $0.33 110
Sugar, White Granulated 2 Tablespoons 25.00 Grams $0.03 97

If you need a quick topping for shortbread or crackers then this recipe works well and does not use too many ingredients.

Here is the recipe for shortbread.


In a saucepan add the can of pineapple, brown sugar, salt and butter over medium-high heat.

In a seperate bowl add the egg yolks, white sugar and cornstarch. Whisk until light yellow.

When the pineapple mixture has broken down (about 10-20 minutes) add a 1/4 cup to the egg mix and whisk, then place back into the saucepan for 30 seconds or so. It should start to thicken up quickly. Remove from the heat and let cool in a shallow pan.

When it has cooled somewhat you can top shortbread, bread or crackers.