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Freezing and Re-heating Frozen Beans

Last Modified: 12/20/08
First Published: 12/20/08
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Views: 458

We recently had a question about freezing beans that have already been cooked. The goal was to avoid them being mushy when they are re-heated.


"I cooked a large pot of beans to take to the home of a relative, the trip ended up being cancelled. I was thinking about freezing the beans but worry that once they are thawed & reheated they will be mushy. I would appreciate any advise you can send to me.




Last year we wrote about how to freeze beans and it seems the same basic principles apply.

How To Freeze Individual Beans

This is a very simple solution for any kind of food that you need to freeze separately such as fruits and berries as well as beans and chickpeas. Once the beans are cooked, simply spoon them out evenly (without any liquid) on a sheet pan. Place the whole sheet pan in the freezer for a few minutes (anywhere from 5-15 minutes).

beansAt that point, take the sheet pan out of the freezer and scrape all the beans

together and place them in a container or in a bag. Put back in the freezer. Now they are separated and you can easily crab a cup or two of beans out of a large batch.

How To Freeze Beans