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Brandy Manhattan Cocktail

Last Modified: 02/09/09
First Published: 02/09/09
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Views: 1433
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General Info
Servings: 1
Total Cost: $0.98
Cost Per Serving: $0.98
Total Calories: 135
Calories/Serving: 135
Brandy, Generic 750 ml Bottle 1 1/2 Fl Ounce 1.50 Ounces $0.71 96
Maraschino Cherry Juice 1/4 Fl Ounce 0.25 Ounce $0.05 11
Vermouth, Sweet, Generic 750 ml Bottle 1/2 Fl Ounce 25.00 Grams $0.22 28

brandy manhattanBrandy Manhattan

If you are in the mood for a simple, elegant cocktail, served in a small cordial glass then this has a subtle unique flavor.


In a Boston Shaker filled halfway with ice pour in 1 1/2 ounces (per person) of a medium quality brandy. Then add about 1/4 ounce of cherry juice and 1/2 ounce of sweet vermouth.

Stir and strain into cocktail glasses.