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Best Method for Perfect Stove Top Popcorn

Last Modified: 10/13/07
First Published: 04/15/07
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This is an excellent way to make popcorn - easy, tasty, cheap and no cleanup. The round shape of the work bowl allows the popped kernels to rise to the sides and the uncooked ones to fall to the bottom as the bowl is shaken, thus resulting in more popped kernels and fewer burned ones.

Servings: One big bowl (about 2-3 servings depending on how many popcorn you eat) Ingredients: 1/2 cup of uncooked popcorn kernels, white or yellow 3 tbsp of oil (preferably butter-flavored popcorn oil, otherwise neutral-flavored oil such as peanut oil) 1 tsp finely crushed salt (either through blender or in a mortel)

Method: Put oil, kernels and salt in an 6 quart stainless steel work bowl. Cover well with aluminum foil and poke a few holes with a fork. Put over medium-high heat and shake continually either by holding the bowl with tongs or with oven mitts. Continue until popping has ceased and remove from heat. Uncover the bowl and let cool before serving from the same bowl.