September 2012 Dinner Menu

Last Modified: 10/19/12
First Published: 09/08/12
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Views: 516

Sunday September 30th 

Tuna with couscous & veggies - fruit & spumante

tuna & couscous 

fresh fruit

Saturday September 29th - Farmer's Market 

Friday September 28th

Quesadillas with cheese & sausage

Thursday September 27th

Bagels with lox, cream cheese, tomatoes & red onion

Wednesday September 26th 

American Dream Pizza

pizza & beer 

Tuesday September 25th 

Tomatoes, cucumbers, ravioli with pesto, olives, walnuts & cheese & dessert

tomatoes & cucumber 

ravioli with pesto 



Monday September 24th ???

Sunday September 23rd

4 Spirits bourbon whiskey sours & pesto & tomatoes on crackers

pork & veggies

Ziti with pork in tomato sauce & mozarella cheese

pork & veggies

Saturday September 22nd - Fall Festival Food 

Pork with mustard sauce, broccoli, carrots & tomatoes

pork & veggies 

Dessert: apple crisp with ice cream 

apple crisp 

Nanchos, wine & elephant ears 

nachos & wine 

elephant ears 

Friday September 21st

McDonald's burger & fries 

Thursday September 20th


Wednesday September 19th 

Roasted beet & lentil salad with marinated steak, avocado & feta

Dessert: coconut macarons & coffee

Tuesday September 18th 

Pina colada & chicken ceasar salad

pina colada 

chicken ceasar salad 

ceasar salad

Monday September 17th - hot

Cloud 9 - Soup, sausage in a bun & fries & beer

Subway with broiled peaches

subway sandwich

peach dessert

Sunday September 16th 

Old fashioned, greek salad & sliced peaches in phyllo dough

old fashioned 

greek salad 


peach desert


Saturday September 15th

Barley salad with smoked salmon, delicata squash and mushrooms with lemon yogurt sauce. For dessert: melon & s'mores & grilled marshmallows.

Friday September 14th


Thursday September 13th

Hot dogs & sausages on the grill with sauteed potatoes

Wednesday September 12th


Tuesday September 11th

Pizza, beer & ice cream bars

pizza, beer, ice cream bars 

Monday September 10th - Old World Deli 

Sunday September 9th - Joe Cooks

Linn's pesto on crackers with Manhattans

Linn's pesto with Manhattans

Joey's eggplant with zuchinni & tomatoes

Joey's eggplant with zuchinni & tomatoes

eggplant & zucchini & tomatoes with cheese

Rosie's blueberry cheesecake

Rosie's blueberry cheesecake

Saturday September 8th

Old fashioned cocktail, pasta with cream sauce, blueberry pie with coffee

old fashioned cocktail

pasta with chicken

blueberry pie

Farmers Market 

farmers market

Friday September 7th - hot 94°

Winery visit with tomato paninis on the grill and salad

Thursday September 6th

Woodstocks beer and pizza

Wednesday September 5th - Last Music 

Sandwiches & pizza for lunch


Tuesday September 4th 

Subway sandwiches 

Monday September 3rd - Happy Labor Day!

Homemade artichoke dip & cheese skewers, sparkling wine

Sirloin steak on the grill with macaroni salad, red wine

Lemon chiffon cake with whipped cream and blueberries, iced coffee

Sunday September 2nd  

Farmer's Market fresh tomatoes with garlic, basil & angel hair pasta with garlic bread & salad

cherry pie for dessert 




Saturday September 1st

Brigadoon Winery & Farmer's Market