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Last Modified: 03/15/12
First Published: 03/04/12
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Views: 226

I received a wonderful present recently - a laminate machine! And I just love it. I'm laminating everything in sight! Papers, cards, recipes ... you name it.  Now, my new project is making book marks. I've been getting ready made printed papers from the craft store ( the selection is enormous ). Cutting them into strips and laminating them. My scissors and my eyes are not the best so I purchased a small paper cutter. It's just great- it's small, lightweight & cuts my paper easily and quickly. So now I have bookmarks in a wide variety of patterns from - kiddie cars, stripes, dots, plaids, kitchen papers to beer bottles. I've added small ribbons with a hole puncher and now I've graduated to ribbons on the paper itself! I've learned by trial and error to buy a little thicker paper, preferably one that has both sides either printed or colored. Other wise I was folding them together or gluing them and sometimes it didn't work well. Also, I'm not going to use black paper as it doesn't laminate well - gets kind of light and smudgy. Yes, my collection of bookmarks is growing and I love every one.

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