October 2012 Dinner Menu

Last Modified: 11/03/12
First Published: 10/01/12
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Views: 569

dnesday October 31st - Happy Halloween

Block 15 fries & beer

Happy Halloween 

fries & beer 

Tuesday October 30th 

Leftovers on a rainy day

sausage ravioli, wine & cupcake 

Monday October 29th 

Ravioli with sausage, spinach salad, garlic bread & Halloween cupcakes

ravioli with sausage 

halloween cupcakes 

Sunday October 28th 

Biscuit, egg, bacon, cheese & hash browns with mimosa

biscuit & egg & bacon 

Saturday October 27th 

Drinks, meatloaf, string beans, creamed cauliflower & apple tunrovers

scotch & wine 

meatloaf dinner 

meatloaf plate 

apple turnovers 

Friday October 26th

Lunch: Turkey sandwiches 

Dinner: Pesto pasta with peas, olives & walnuts

egg omelette

Thursday October 25th 


egg omelette

& omelette in my new pan

egg omelette 


Wednesday October 24th 

Leftovers & potatoes

macaroni & cheese 

ham & cheese & potatoes 

Tuesday October 23rd 

Macaroni & cheese with broccoli & fresh breadcrumbs

macaroni with cheese & broccoli 

macaroni & cheese 

Monday October 22nd 

Pasta with meat sauce & garlic bread with dessert

pasta in meat sauce 

dessert & coffee 


Chocolate chip cookies 


Sunday October 21st 

Old World Deli - tuna & beer

tuna sandwich 

Saturday October 20th - Farmer's Market

Friday October 19th 

Manhattan, chili with toppings & dessert



chili with toppings 


Thursday October 18th

Butternut squash soup & turkey cheese melt sandwiches

Dessert: ice cream bonbons

Wednesday October 17th

American Dream pizza, beer

Tuesday October 16th

Potato leek soup & dessert 

potato leek soup 


Monday October 15th ?? 

Sunday October 14th 

Garlic bread, stuffed red peppers, chianti & ice cream sundaes

garlic bread

stuffed peppers 

ice cream

Saturday October 13th  - Farmer's Market 

Friday October 12th 

Pork steaks with polenta & broccoli

pork steaks

Thursday October 11th 

Tuna sandwiches 

Wednesday October 10th 

Mc Donald's burger & fries

Tuesday October 9th 


Monday October 8th 

Sunday October 7th 

Saturday October 6th 

Friday October 5th

Egg salad on Linn's bread

egg salad

Thursday October 4th 

Lunch: Tuna sandwiches on rolls, beer & pineapple

Dinner: Mexican burritos


Wednesday October 3rd 

McDonald's - burger & fries 

Tuesday October 2nd 

Woodstocks pizza, beer & cards

pizza & beer

Monday October 1st

Corn muffins, cheese pouf, sausage & fruit 

corn muffins

cheese pouf 

cheese pouf