November 2012 Dinner Menu

Last Modified: 12/07/12
First Published: 11/03/12
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Views: 880

Friday November 30th

Leftover soup for lunch

chicken soup 

Dinner: McMenamns tuna fish sandwich with Hoggs Head Whiskey 

Thursday November 29th 

Chicken soup with dumplings & dessert

chicken soup 

cake & cookies 

Wednesday November 28th

Leftover soup - work day hauling rocks 

Tuesday November 27th

Beautiful fall soup, rye asiago bread with whipped butter, and capuccinos & coffee cake for dessert

fall soup

fall soup

fall soup

Monday November 26th


Sunday November 25th

Turkey enchiladas & sweet potatoes 

turkey enchiladas 

Saturday November 24th 

Shopping & fast food 

Friday November 23rd

Turkey leftovers

turkey leftovers 

Thursday November 22nd - Happy Thanksgiving!

Appetizers: Sparkling wine, Manchego cheese, pimento, crackers, fruit.


Main meal: deviled eggs, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce & brussel sprouts




Dessert: Pumpkin pies with whipped cream, cookies & nuts


Wednesday November 21st 

Pizza & pumpkin cookies


pumpkin cookies 

Tuesday November 20th 

McMenamis tuna sandwiches & beer

Monday November 19th 

Peppers, onions & sausage with rice & dessert

sausage & peppers & rice 


Sunday November 18th

Vegetable lasagna & cookies 

Saturday November 17th 

Broccoli cheese soup with popovers

broccoli cheese soup 

Friday November 16th 

Burger on a english muffin

burger on a english muffin & wine 

Thursday November 15th

Breakfast: quiche & coffee 

quiche & coffee

Pizza & cabbage salad

nov 15 2012

Wednesday November 14th 

Potato, broccoli & sausage casserole with cheese sauce

potato & cheese casserole


Tuesday November 13th 

Dessert: crumb cake 

crumb cake

Dinner: one dish ricotta with pasta, bacon & spinach

pasta with ricotta & spinach

Lunch: pigs in the blanket 

pigs in the blanket

Lunch: Paninis & Italian salad & meats

Monday November 12th 

Enchiladas with sausage  & homemade coffee cake

nov 12 2012

nov 15 2012

Sunday November 11th

Salads & fish sandwich & beer

Saturday November 10th 

Flank steak with roasted beets and feta & pear clafouti

nov 10 2012

dessert nov 10

Tuna sandwich & starbucks 

tuna sandwich 

starbucks & cake

Friday November 9th

American Dream pizza 

Thursday November 8th

Block 15 - porkies & beer

Block 15 porkies & beer

Wednesday November 7th 

Artichoke dip with pasta & wine

artichokes with pasta

Tuesday November 6th

Dinner: Italian Meatballs over Polenta with tomato sauce

meatballs with polenta

Brunch: Cheese Pouf with sausage and coffee with mimosa

cheese pouf

Monday November 5th 

Red roasted potatoes with edamame, cheese & bacon

roasted potatoes 

Sunday November 4th --- Work Day raking leaves & spackling & Walking Dead

Mc Donald's - fries & burgers

Saturday November 3rd

Wine, pasta with cheese & veggies with Farmer's Market dessert

wine & pasta  


Friday November 2nd 

Parmesan chicken & chocolate pudding cake

parmesan chicken 

chocolate pudding cake 

Thursday November 1st