May 2012 Dinner Menu

Last Modified: 05/31/12
First Published: 05/01/12
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Views: 589

Thursday May 31st

Wine spritzers, pasta salad, homemade quick berry ice cream

Wednesday May 30th - Birthday Dinner

Pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, broccoli, carrots with chocolate cake

Tuesday May 29th

Lunch at the park, eggs, potato salad & fruit

Monday May 28th Memorial Day

Cold cuts - turkey & cheese sandwiches with potato salad

Sunday May 27th

Linn's lavender salad, pasta with chicken & cheese with mango smoothie

Saturday May 26th

Rose wine, no knead bread, cheese, summer sausage, olives, fruit.

Friday May 25th

Manhattan, 3 cheese orzo, salad & blackberry sauce, lemon bar & cream

Thursday May 24th

Old World Deli quiche & Corvallis Watershed Tour

Wednesday May 23rd

Blackened salmon, cauliflower mashed potatoes, salad, Chardonnay

Tuesday May 22nd

IKEA: meatballs & Greek salad

Chianti, pizza & ice cream

Monday May 21st

Chianti, bread & olive oil, ravioli, salad & ice cream bars

Sunday May 20th

Turkey & swiss sandwiches

Saturday May 19th

Tuna sandwiches

 Friday May 18th

Pizza & beer

Thursday May 17th

Greek Salad with Caramelized Onions on French Bread & Cuba Libre (Rum and Coke)

Wednesday May 16th

Subway sandwiches

Dinner: Hambuger with onions and smoked gouda

Tuesday May 15th 

Sausage, peppers & onions with dessert




Monday May 14th

Sandwiches, beer & gelato

Sunday May 13th - Happy Mother's Day

Brunch - sparkling wine, cheese pouf, asparagus bundles, bacon, strawberries & cinnamon raisin scone


Saturday May 12th

Pre-Mother's Day Wine, Cheese, Fruit & Bread

Leftover pasta salad

Friday May 11th

Lunch - pizza & yogurt

Dinner - Tyee Wine Cellars picnic - pasta salad & chardonnay

Thursday May 10th

Burgers & fries

Wednesday May 9th

Tuna sandwiches at the park

Tuesday May 8th

Chicken sandwiches

Monday May 7th


Sunday May 6th

Blackened salmon, couscous with spinach, tomatoes & asparagus with apple pie & margarita


Saturday May 5th

Hawaian pizza on the grill and pizza salad

Strawberry and mango with ice cream

Friday May 4th

Thursday May 3rd

Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, string beans & salad

Wednesday May 2nd 

Fish & chips

Tuesday May 1st - May Day

Ravioli with sausage, salad, garlic bread & pecan bites