March 2012 Dinner Menu

Last Modified: 04/01/12
First Published: 03/01/12
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Views: 512

Saturday March 31st

Black eyed peas, sweet potato & collared greens soup & dessert

Friday March 30th

Turkey sandwich

Thursday March 29th

Broccoli cheese soup, salad & popovers

Wednesday March 28th

Egg salad sandwiches

Tuesday March 27th

Sausage, potatoes, string beans, salad & pecan ice cream with muffin


Monday March 26th

Frozen pizza

Sunday March 25th

Beef & barley chili & Quick berry ice cream with cappuccinos.

Saturday March 24th

Pasta with chicken & broccoli in a cheese sauce

Friday March 23rd  ????

Thursday March 22nd

Split pea ham soup

Wednesday March 21st

Egg & spinach omlet

Tuesday March 20th

Beef tips with pasta infused wine, salad & martini

Monday March 19th

Tuna on toast

Sunday March 18th


Saturday March 17th - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Corned beef, boiled potatoes, cabbage & Irish Cream

Friday March 16th


Thursday March 15th

English muffin pizzas

Wednesday March 14th

Chianti, garlic bread, linguine with clams, tomatoes & peas - dessert

Tuesday March 13th

Chicken soup & brownie

Monday March 12th

Spinach & egg omlet

Sunday March 11th

Fish Cakes with sweet potatoes, aspargus & salad

Saturday March 10th

Chickpea Soup, Hamburgers

Turkey Sandwiches

Friday March 9th

Pesto ravioli with spinach, walnuts & garlic bread - frozen coffee bar

Thursday March 8th

Flattail beer & pork quesadilla

Wednesday March 7th

Homemade tomato soup & tomato & cheese panini

Homemade chocolate ice cream and cappuccinos

Tuesday March 6th

Chicken parmigiana, broccoli, salad & garlic bread

Monday March 5th

Polenta, salad & pork steaks in tomatoes

Sunday March 4th

Cheese & bread, leftover steak & onion rings & cake

Saturday March 3rd

Happy Birthday!

Lemon twist martini

Scallops with avocado and lemon, sparkling wine

Frying onion rings

Steak au poivre with beef tenderloin, onion rings and salad

Coconut cake with lemon curd and port wine.


Friday March 2nd

Birthday drink & pizza!

Thursday March 1st

Tuna on homemade rye bread, potato salad & ice cream sandwiches with strawberries