June 2012 Dinner Menu

Last Modified: 07/03/12
First Published: 06/01/12
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Views: 669

Saturday June 30th 

Martini's, tomato appetizer & pasta with mozzarella & sausage

Friday June 29th 

Ham, leeks & cheese pierogies / Calzones with salad

Thursday June 28th 

101 sliders & fries


Wednesday June 27th - Music

Tuna & beer

Tuesday June 26th

Beef pierogies / Calzones

Monday June 25th

Hamburgers, corn on the cob & roasted garden-fresh potatoes

Sunday June 24th

Shredded pork burritos, salad, Pinot Gris & cherries

Saturday June 23rd

Shrimp, broccoli & couscous with boozy peaches 





Friday June 22nd 

Lunch: salad with chicken


Dinner: pork in a mustard sauce with rice


Thursday June 21th - Fence building!

Homebaked rye bread, egg salad, carrot & avocado salad, grapes & iced tea

Wednesday June 20th - Happy Anniversary!

Winery setting: Pinot Gris, Italian bread with prosciutto, mozarella & olives, antipasta skewers, melon & feta skewers, cherries & chocolate covered strawberries.

Tuesday June 19th - Music 

Lunch: Pork burritos & avacado salad 

Music - turkey sandwich & wine


Monday June 18th 



Sunday June 17th - Happy Father's Day

Homemade bread with truffle butter & radishes & Pinot Noir

Baby back ribs, homemade potato salad & garden salad

Dessert: angel food cake with whipped cream & strawberries, iced Vietnamese coffee

Saturday June 16th 

Winery & afternoon snack

 Friday June 15th

Thursday June 14th---Flag Day 

Ravioli with sausage & salad


Wednesday June 13th 

Tuna & beer with gelato


Tuesday June 12th 

Eggs, potatoes & bacon


Monday June 11th

Bread & olive oil

Sunday June 10th

Homemade bread, slowcooked beef in bbq sauce on the grill, grilled polenta, garden fresh salad, coleslaw

Dessert: Vietnamese Iced coffee, fresh strawberries & ice cream bars

Saturday June 9th

Pork chops in a mustard cream sauce, broccoli, roasted red potatoes & watermelon

Friday June 8th


Thursday June 7th

Chicken curry sandwiches & berry medley

Wednesday June 6th ????

Tuesday June 5th

Barley salad with smoked salmon & cauliflower and mushrooms

Monday June 4th

Fish & veggies with dessert

Sunday June 3rd

Chicken ceasar salad & ice cream cupcakes

Saturday June 2nd

Pinot gris, falafel wraps & homemade chocolate cake with Oregon strawberries and whipped cream

Friday June 1st

Beer, black bean burger & Western hamburger with fries and salad