June 2011 Dinner Menu

Last Modified: 07/03/11
First Published: 06/01/11
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Views: 724

Thursday June 30th

Lunch: New York Strip Steak

Later: Mexican Celebratory Dinner

Wednsday June 29th


Tuesday June 28th

Black cod, fries & green beans with strawberries & ice cream

Monday June 27th

Chicken fajitas with avocado and sour cream on corn tortillas

Sunday June 26th

Breakfast: Pancakes with bacon & fruit

Dinner: Salad & Pizza

Saturday June 25th

Salmon with tzatziki sauce and orzo salad

Friday June 24th


Thursday June 23rd

Cheese tortellini with meat sauce

Wednesday June 22nd

Sausage and Potato Casserole with salad & ice cream with fruit and cream

Tuesday June 21st

Tuna fish sandwich

Monday June 20th

Chicken caesar salad & cheesecake

Sunday June 19th - Anniversary & Fathers Day

Salmon & Sole Rolls with risotto and roasted vegetables


Saturday June 18th

BLT's & carrot cake

Friday June 17th

Bread, cheese & bruschetta at the park

Thursday June 16th

Leftover salmon & salad

Wednesday June 15th 

Cuban Hamburger & Salmon on Homemade Nachos

Tuesday June 14th

Asian/Mexican Fusion Tacos

Monday June 13th - Science Pub

Frittata with fennel salad (Tuna sandwich at night)

Sunday June 12th

Dinner: chicken parmigiana

Breakfast: Egg on english muffin

Saturday June 11th

California Pizza Kitchen: Asian Tacos, Pizza, Tiramisu & White Wine

Friday June 10th

Asian Spring Rolls & Peaches with Cream

Thursday June 9th

New York Steak with cauliflower mashed potatoes

Wednesday June 8th

Pork chops in mustard sauce with salad

Tuesday June 7th

Fish & fries

Monday June 6th

Cabbage and Sausage

Sunday June 5th

BLT's & chocolate cake

Saturday June 4th

Rotisserie chicken with baked potato & salad

Friday June 3rd

Ravioli with pesto sauce and pork tenderloin

Strawberries & Cream

Thursday June 2nd

Turkey sandwich & cupcake

Wednesday June 1st

Cheese & crackers, bruschetta, grilled zucchini & pork tenderloin with mango salsa