July 2012 Dinner Menu

Last Modified: 07/31/12
First Published: 07/01/12
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Views: 779

Tuesday July 31st - Music 

Wine & sandwich


Monday July 30th 

French lentil salad with bacon and feta cheese, rose wine

Sunday July 29th 

Chicken ceasar salad 


Saturday July 28th 

Ravioli with pesto, olives, walnuts & mozzeralla 


Banana nut cupcakes


Friday July 27th 

Pizza & cabbage salad, beer

Thursday July 26th 

Zucchini bread, white wine & grilled hot dogs

Lunch at the park - sandwiches & pinot gris


Wednesday July 25th

Smoked salmon, barley and vegetable salad, Spumante

Melon for dessert

Tuesday July 24th - Music 

Monday July 23rd 

Egg omlette with veggies & homemade bread 

Sunday July 22nd 

Appetizer: Margarita, homemade bread & brie 

Encrusted Dover sole, herbed potatoes, cucumber & tomatoes with ice cream & blueberry muffin




Saturday July 21st

Locally traded Champagne, home baked pita breads & hummus

Swedish pierogies and salad

Blueberry nut cobbler, whipped cream & Vietnamese coffee

Dinner: Hot dogs with mashed potatoes in pita bread on the grill

Friday July 20th


Thursday July 19th 

Pizza & beer - Edible Front Yard Garden Tour



Wednesday July 18th 

Leftover zitti with blueberry muffin


Tuesday July 17th 

Baked zitti



Monday July 16th - Music

Lunch - Subway tuna sandwich

Dinner -  salami & tomato sandwich 


Sunday July 15th

Creamy pasta with salami, garden fresh broccoli & chard red wine, cake & blueberries, white wine

Saturday July 14th

Old World Deli tuna sandwich

Friday July 13th

Burgers, fried potato cakes, coleslaw

Cake with cherries & cream

Thursday July 12th 

Pizza, salad & beer


Wednesday July 11th - Music 

Farmer's Market quesadilla 


Tuesday July 10th - Music 

Pasta Salad & zucchini bread 



Monday July 9th  ????

Sunday July 8th

Leftovers & winery


Saturday July 7th 

Pork tenderloin, joe's herbed potatoes & peas with garlic bread


Friday July 6th 

Eggs & leftover kielbasa with toast


Thursday July 5th 

Kielbasa & spinach with orzo & leftover cake


Wednesday July 4th

Fresh baked bread, garden fresh radishes & peas, red wine

BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, coleslaw 

Fourth of July cake 

Tuesday July 3rd

Burritos with salsa & sour cream, beer

Monday July 2nd

Lentil, rice, zucchini and feta casserole with salad & beer

Cappucinos, cherries and chocolate for dessert

Sunday July 1st

Pizza and Salad

july 1 2012 pizza