December 2012 Dinner Menu

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First Published: 12/03/12
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Views: 938

Monday Dec 31st - Happy New Year

Appetizer: Shrimp salad on toast.

Entree: Rib roast with roasted hasselback potatoes, homemade bearnaise sauce & salad.

Drinks: French 75


Dessert: White & dark chocolate mousse with blueberry sauce

pasta & sausage

Sunday Dec 30th 

Pasta with tomatoes & sausage with butterscotch cookiespasta & sausage

butterscotch cookies

Saturday Dec 29th 



McMenamins - Beer & tuna sandwiches


Friday Dec 28th

Old World Deli tuna & beer

tuna sandwich & beer 

Thursday Dec 27th

Split pea soup & popovers

split pea soup & popover 

Wednesday Dec 26th 

Ham & eggs

ham & eggs 

Tuesday Dec 25th - Christmas

broccoli casserole, peas and artichokes, shrimp cocktail with spicy sauce and leftovers

deviled eggs

meatballs and ham

shrimp cocktail

broccoli casserole

red beet salad


peas and artichokes

xmas cookies

Monday Dec 24th - Christmas Eve

meatballs, red beet salad, deviled eggs, ham

xmas eve

Sunday Dec 23rd

Cheese pouf, bloody marys

Saturday Dec 22nd

Old fashions, Linn's bread, steak with roasted veggies & cookies

linn's bread & old fashioned 

steak & veggies 

Xmas cookies 

Friday Dec 21st 

Leftover salad


Thursday Dec 20th 

Greek salad & coffee 

greek sakad

greek salad

coffee & dessert

Wednesday Dec 19th 

Salmon risotto, white glogg & salted caramels

Salmon risotto

Tuesday Dec 18th 

Baked potatoes 

Monday Dec 17th 

Pizza & pumpkin bread


pumpkin bread

Sunday Dec 16th

Pork medallions in a mustard sauce with cauliflower mashed potatoes 

Blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream & cappucinos for Dessert

Saturday Dec 15th 

Ravioli with meat sauce, garlic bread, wine & banana bread

ravioli & meat sauce 

homemade banana bread 

banana bread 

Friday Dec 14th ??? 

Thursday Dec 13th 

Burgers & fries for lunch & linguine with pesto & walnuts 

Wednesday Dec 12th 

Fast food 

Tuesday Dec 11th

Potato sausage soup

potato sausage soup 

potato sausage soup 

Monday Dec 10th 

Wine & pizza

wine & pizza 

Sunday Dec 9th

Fast food 

Saturday Dec 8th 


penne pasta & mushrooms & peas 

Friday Dec 7th

Chicken thighs with wine & whiskey & penne pasta & brussel sprouts with lemon & bread crumbs & chocolate chip cookies

penne pasta, chicken thighs, wine & whiskey 

chocolate chip cookies Thursday Dec 6th - ????

Wednesday Dec 5th - Linn's Birthday 

presents, sparkling wine, christmas tree, fish soup, more wine, whiskey & creme brulee 

dec 5 2012

tree 2012

creme brulee 2012

Tuesday Dec 4th 


cheese quesdilla

Monday Dec 3rd 

Linn's beef stew, martinis & saffron buns 

Sunday Dec 2nd - Walking Dead 

Tomato soup with mozzerella & tomato panni & ice cream sundaes for dessert

tomato soup & panni 

ice cream sundae

Saturday Dec 1st

Homemade Mac-n-cheese

dec 1 2012