August 2011 Dinner Menu

Last Modified: 09/02/11
First Published: 08/01/11
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Views: 748

Wednesday August 31st

Turkey Sandwiches with potato salad & Espresso

Tuesday August 30th

Egg salad sandwiches with french press coffee

Monday August 29th

Tuna Sandwiches with beer and chips

Sunday August 28th

Oysters on the half shell with pasta salad & watermelon

Saturday August 27th

American Dream Pizza & Espresso

Friday August 26th

Penne pasta with sausage, garlic bread & salad

Thursday August 25th

Ruby Tuesday's burger & sides

Wednesday August 24th

Dover sole with pesto sauce, couscous, tomatoes & cucumber

Tuesday August 23rd

Pork chops in a pineapple sauce, sauteed corn, roasted eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes & feta with blueberry chesse cake

Monday August 22nd

Woostocks beer & pizza

Sunday August 21st

Deep fried sturgeon, fries & tomatoes with mozarella & basil

Saturday August 20th

Spicy chili

Friday August 19th

Eggs over veggies with salsa & icebox cake with strawberries

Thursday August 18th

Lentil salad with veggies

Wednesday August 17th

Gazpacho, garlic sticks & wine

Tuesday August 16th

Pork enchiladas with cucumbers & tomatoes

Monday August 15th

Pork, tabouli & zucchini gratin

 Sunday August 14th

Fast Food--fries & burgers

Saturday August 13th

Sausage & cabbage

Friday August 12th

Picnic at the park--turkey sandwich, salads & wine


Thursday August 11th

Pacific rockfish with pesto, broccoli & pineapple salsa & reisling

Wednesday August 10th

Pesto, brie & salami with ice cream cones

Tuesday August 9th

Music - sandwich, cheese & beer

Monday August 8th

Tuna salad & banana bread

banana bread

Sunday August 7th

Lunch: Spaghetti Factory - meat sauce & spaghetti, salad & ice cream

Brunch: tomato & cheese on english muffin

Saturday August 6th

Cheese appetizer & pork sausage with carrot avocado salad

Friday August 5th

Egg salad sandwiches & leftover carrot cake with strawberries

Thursday August 4th

Chicken on a roll with cheese & tomato & carrot cake

Wednesday August 3rd

BLT's with turkey & ice cream---music

Tuesday August 2nd

Falafels, beer & chips -- & music

Monday August 1st

Trout salad with eggs & veggies with raspberry sorbet