FX Damages with Glen Close

Last Modified: 10/13/07
First Published: 08/10/07
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Views: 6298

I've been watching this mini series "Damages" on FX tv on Tuesday nites with Glen Close. First off I loved the first episode -- no commercials!!! This whole little drama series wouldn't work without Glen Close-she's the glue who holds this series together. She's manipulative, cunning, smart & 10 steps ahead of everyone else. She reminds me of Gail Wynand in Ann Ryand's "The Fountainhead"--the puppet holding all the strings of everyone's lives. All the actors are really good & I especially liked how they began the story with the young lawyer dripped in blood running through the streets. And then how all the flashbacks got to that point. Anyway, this presentation on FX is holding my attention, is very nicely done & I'm hooked. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I like a story to have a beginning, a middle and an end. This mini-series Damages as far as I've seen it seems to accomplish this for me. The third episode is on tomorrow nite & I can't wait.

Update: The 6th episode of Damages was on last night and it just gets better and better. All the intrigue and twists and turns keeps everyone guessing. Glen Close is just superb in this power driven role.I read that there are 13 episodes in all and that's what keeps this series going POWER & MONEY---WIN or LOSE. Next weeks previews looked even better!

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