Experiment for Morning Sun & Afternoon Sun

Last Modified: 08/25/08
First Published: 06/13/08
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Views: 303

basil,italian parsley,tarragon & oregano On 6/12/08 i bought herbs: basil, italian parsley, tarragon & spicy oregano

i planted them so they captured the morning sun

6/19/08herbs 6/19/08

6/30/086-30-08 morning sun herbs


6/12/08 I planted basil & cilantro for the afternoon sun

basil & cilantro

6/19/086/19/08 afternoon basic & cilantro

6/30/08 6-30-08 afternoon sun herbs

parsley,oregano,sage & thyme are already growing from last year

oregano,thyme,chives,rosemary  6/12/08

sage 6/12/08

August 20---well my little experiment was a bust ! I started using some of the Basil so I couldn't tell if it was growing or not. All in all the afternoon sun was a little bit better but not much but only becuse it was more intense. The sage in the afternoon sun went crazy and grew really well so did the thyme and rosemary and chives. Last years basil was so much better. But we did make some pesto which was delicious. The cilantro was horrible---won't plant that again. Even the italian parsley in the morning sun didn't do well. The mint I planted was from a cutting & it's doing really well. The italian parsley didn't do as well as I had hoped.


morning sun basil,parsley,oregano & lemon thyme

Afternoon sun 8/21/08

sageafternoon sun sage


rosemary  afternoon sun



I also planted mint sprig (cutting) and it took











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