The Forest in May
A late afternoon cooperative land management forest tour.
A Day at the Park
A cloudy day at the park...
Red, White & Blue Evening
The Red, White & Blue Festival
Rosie's Saturday at Farmer's Market Wine & Flowers
A perfect afternoon with Pinot Gris, flowers & quesadill
Rosie's Afternoon Visit to McMenamins
After a lovely walk, we stopped for an afternoon porter &
Rosie's Halloween in Downtown Corvallis
A perfect fall afternoon for Halloween trick or treater's in
Rosie's Fall Afternoon Walk at OSU
It was a perfect fall afternoon walk through OSU... the leav
Rosie's Evening at Winter's Eve Corvallis
We had a lovely evening at Winter's Eve in Corvallis. The we
Rosie's Trip to Eola Hills Wine Cellars
We had a glorious sunny afternoon after a rainy and dreary w
Rosie's Nature Walk
We had a beautiful morning to walk the paths and trails at B
Rosie's Snow Day
What a nice way to start the day - with a walk in the snow.
Rosie's First Sign of Spring
The lovely spring flowers are out in full bloom in Corvallis
Rosie's Trip to Wiliamette Valley Vineyards
What a great way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon...but a
Rosie's Afternoon at Ankeny Vineyard
We had a cool but sunny afternoon at a local winery in Salem
Rosie's Visit to Farmer's Market
It was a cloudy but warm morning for all to enjoy at the Far
Rosie's New Plant
I was downtown yesterday and happened to pass by Corvallis B
Rosie's Evening at a Baseball Game
What a gorgeous evening at the OSU baseball stadium with bee
Rosie's New Gadget
I received a wonderful present recently - a laminate machine
Rosie's Evening at Tyee Wine Cellars
We had a picture perfect evening at Tyee Wine Cellars last n
Rosie's Adventure to Lone Star Ranch
We had a great evening last nite hiking up a large hill - I
Rosie's Walk Around the Neighborhood
It was a beautiful morning and I decided to capture the love
Signs of Fall 2012
It was a beautiful fall afternoon with sunny skies and
Delicious Desserts & Pumpkins from Market of Choice
We stopped by Market of Choice this afternoon to sample some
Rosie's Cruise Around Newport
What a great day we had in Newport yesterday. The sun was wa
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