August 3

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First Published: 08/04/08
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Views: 227

Sunday - A Day at the Beach --wine & cheese & pizza

blueberry cheesecake

Day at the Beach

blueberry cheesecake

Monday - waffle with blueberry sauce, whipped cream & bacon

waffle with blueberry sauce & whipped cream

Tuesday - salad with blueberry dessert & music tonite

Wednesday - tuna sandwich at Old World Deli--trip to Rock Creek Watershed

Rock Creek Watershed

Thursday - cheese ravioli, sauce & fresh herbs & vanilla ice cream with blueberry sauce


Friday - pork spare ribs, broccoli & roasted potatoes

pork spare ribs

Saturday - beef stew with potatoes, carrots, onion & peas & sour cream & horseradish sauce

beef stew



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