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Wicker furniture is really stylish and durable. This site features a range of wicker furnishing such as resin wicker furniture, wicker dining furniture, white wicker furniture and outdoor wicker furniture.

Pottery Barn Wicker Chair

Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:41 am
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Your outdoor space can be relaxing and accommodating as you want it to be, and is there anything more relaxing or accommodating than a Pottery Barn wicker chair. A Pottery Barn wicker chair is impervious to the elements. These chairs possess the beauty of wicker with easy maintenance. The sturdy aluminum frame is sure to put up with the toughest of guests. These chairs replicate the look of real rattan. Perhaps most importantly when considering an outdoor chair, they are weather repellant. The graceful shapes invite company and use. One seat cushion comes with the chair and one back pillow. The slipcovers are weather proof. Now you never have to worry about the cushions being left outside.

These chairs are most importantly a playful approach to summer. And the colors are impervious to fading. So it's a great choice for a great season. Get two and relax with a friend one summer's afternoon. Place it on a deck and watch the sunset with someone special. Have a refreshment or two in the beautiful sunshine. And if a passing shower does hit, it's good to know that your chair is weatherproof. You can find Pottery Barn outdoor wicker chairs, Pottery Barn patio wicker chairs, Pottery Barn wicker arm chairs as well as Pottery Barn wicker egg chairs. These wonderful chairs are an asset to any outdoor space. Place them on the lawn one evening and enjoy the garden. Any arrangement will do. Any color combination will pass. So relax with a friend and take in your outdoor space a little bit more comfortably. Take in your outdoor space a section at a time. Take in summer one day at a time with a Pottery Barn wicker chair.

 Pottery Barn Palmetto Honey All-Weather Wicker Occasional Chair

"Impervious to the elements, our Palmetto armchair merges the beauty of wicker with the easy maintenance of a synthetic. Built on a sturdy aluminum frame, it's wrapped with variegated polyester strands that replicate the look of rattan but are completely weather repellent and colorfast. A braided detail outlines the graceful shape. The occasional chair comes with one seat cushion and one 29'' back pillow covered with natural-colored weatherproof polyester canvas slipcovers and filled with Quick-Dry Foam for fast water drainage and air circulation, so you never have to worry about the cushion's being left outdoors."

Pottery Barn Palmetto Honey All-Weather Wicker Egg Chair

"Take a playful approach to summer relaxation with our retro-style egg chair. It comfortably accommodates up to two and has a domed top that shelters loungers from the sun. Framed in sturdy yet lightweight aluminum, the chair is wrapped with honey colored durable polyester strands that replicate the look of real wicker but are impervious to mildew or fading. Quick-Dry Foam cushions, which are specially designed for fast water drainage, are covered in water-repellent natural canvas."

These chairs can be found at potterybarn.com

Hanging Wicker Chairs

Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:40 am
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Comfortable seating is a must, and comfortable seating in the form of hanging wicker chairs is a definite must. Hanging wicker chairs are strong and relaxing and durable. Picture sitting in one of these chairs fitted to your room or porch. The outdoor seating would be wonderful to the touch. You can have your chair with a refreshment underneath a nice cool fan on a summer's day. The summer would be ideally suited to a hanging chair. Just turn the fan on and relax the day away with a hanging chair.

These chairs are designed for romantic situations, but can be used singly. Just picture sitting with a close friend side by side in one of these chairs. What could be more romantic? How else is there to spend a summer's day? Picture just coming in from the pool and you run to the porch to get your towel and then you flop down in a hanging chair. It's a relaxing experience few can equal. You can also view the garden from one of these chairs if it's set up in view. You can sit all day and take in the plants and flowers. Ask somebody to join you and you can both while away the day looking at flowers. Is anything more charming? You can find hanging wicker outdoor chairs, resin hanging wicker chairs, hanging wicker indoor chairs as well as hanging wicker rattan chairs among other products. These chairs are also available in resin and rattan so there is variety. Rattan would make a beautiful outdoor accompaniment. Just set up the chair and in no time you'll be relaxing the day away with a refreshment and the nice summer breezes. So relax in style with a hanging wicker chair.


Urban Balance Cove Outdoor Hanging Chair with 5 Pillows

"Durability. The Urban Balance Cove is made from premier quality materials such as epoxy coated aluminum frames and all-weather wicker with strict attention paid to the highest manufacturing standards."


Outdoor Woven Wicker Kiwi Green Double Hanging Chair

"Get swept off your feet and spend some quality time with somebody special. Whether your intentions are romantic or platonic, the airy spaciousness of the urban balance expanse is a perfect place to stretch out and reaffirm your belief in relaxation without restriction. Which also means that you're free to keep all that space to yourself!"

These chairs can be found at amazon.com

Wicker Desk Chair

Sun May 08, 2011 8:17 am
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A wicker desk chair would be a nice addition to any office or home and if you're looking for something a bit different to use for an office chair, then why not go with wicker! It's a natural material that looks great, provides a certain natural touch and would go great with most types of decor styles. Sometimes it can be nice to break off a bit and not just go for the same leather desk chair or wood chair which would be the obvious choice. With wicker you can get a different style going, and wicker is rather comfortable to sit on as well.  

You could of course use almost any wicker chair for a desk chair. If you already have a wicker desk and you would like a matching style, then you obviously want to go for something very similar in design. If on the other hand you have a wooden desk (think white or a dark wood finish), then it can provide tons of charm to add either a white wicker chair with a cushion, or a natural looking wicker chair. It can create a nice contrast that can break up a formal feel and make the room more comfortable and accessible. Wicker furniture are overall great because they provide such a relaxed and sunny feel: it makes you think of the outside and it's a great way to bring a bit of nature into your home without going overboard. You can find wicker chairs in lots of different shades, styles and sizes, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find something that suits your particular style perfectly.


 Cortland Computer Desk And Chair-White Finish

"Includes desk and chair. Wicker desk and hutch designed for style and efficiency. Great for small areas with little available space. Elegant yet not outlandish. . Desk: 40W x 21D x 30H. Chair: 16W x 21D x 33H (Chair Pad NOt included). High quality materials and the most popular wicker designs carefully handwoven by master craftsman."


"Barbados" Wicker Computer Desk w/ Chair

"The "Barbados Collection" Computer Desk and Chair Set is available in white, honey or white washed finish. This quality group has a casual, yet elegant look and all pieces come with fitted glass tops. It has a center keyboard tray. The right side is designed to store the computer tower, and has the hole cut in the back for the cords to feed through. The left side consists of three separate drawers, with the bottom drawer being a file drawer, and can hold letter, or legal size files."

These wicker chairs can be found at amazon.com

Papasan Wicker Chair

Sun May 08, 2011 8:13 am
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A papasan wicker chair would add a stylish touch any indoor area or patio. If you prefer casual furniture for your home and you're looking for pieces which would provide that perfect relaxed and layed back look, then looking into a papasan chair would definitely be a good idea. These Papasan wicker chairs can be found in a range of different styles. You can find papasan wicker outdoor chairs, papasan wicker double chairs, papasan resin wicker chairs as well as papasan wicker patio chairs among other products. 

Below you can see a double papasan wicker chair which is even more comfortable and cozy than a single chair. With this larger chair you could either stretch out yourself, or you could sit two people together. These papasan chairs often comes with comfortable cushions which really are necessary in order to make these chairs more usable. In many stores you can also find new cushions for these chairs in fresh and interesting designs, so if you currently have a chair and you're getting a little tired of the colors and style, then it would definitely be a good idea to simply replace the cushion with something new and different. Either way, it can definitely be a good purchase to buy a nice papasan chair in wicker: this is a versatile piece which is comfortable to sit, easy to move around and pretty cheap to buy too.


Double Papasan Wicker Chair

"Double the fun with the ever popular Double Papasan. There's room for two on this handcrafted double-sized rattan chair. Pair it up with a tufted double pad (sold separately) for seating that's twice as nice."


Azteca Armchair

"You can almost hear the waves crashing on the beach and the steel drums playing in the distance. Our exclusive Azteca Armchair features the gorgeous look of natural wicker and rattan. The woven pattern is reminiscent of textiles fashioned by the Aztecs and features a wide, fan-shaped back and curved arms. Finished with a deep walnut stain, choose a cushion (sold separately) from our selection to complete your look."

These wicker chairs can be found at pier1.com

All Weather Wicker Chair

Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:27 am
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An all weather wicker chair would add a stylish and comfortable touch to any patio or garden. All wheather wicker chairs can be found in a range of different styles. You can find all weather wicker dining chairs, all weather wicker furniture, all weather wicker sofas as well as all weather wicker tables among other products. The right wicker furniture can really change the look in your home. No matter whether you're looking for outdoor wicker furniture, resin wicker furniture or white wicker furniture, you're sure to find something that fits your space and your taste perfectly.


 Hampton Bay Cape Cod Nutmeg Resin Wicker Chair

"Relaxing is no problem when you add this chair to your patio collection. Designed to coordinate with items from the Cape Cod Collection, this chair has deep seating and is oversized for extra comfort. It is made of weather resistant resin wicker and the frame is constructed of heavy duty steel. There is a 1 year warranty."


Hampton Bay Java Natural Wicker Loveseat

"This loveseat would be the perfect addition to any patio and matches other items in the Java collection. Made of weather resistant resin, it has deep seating and is oversized for extra comfort. The frame is constructed of heavy duty steel. There is a 1 year warranty."

These wicker furniture can be found at homedepot.com

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