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Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:37 am
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A tall water slide would really provide many laughs and fun times. Tall water slides are usually large, elaborate and feature heavy duty construction. You can find tall swimming pool water slides, tall kids water slides as well as tall inflatable water slides. To bring back a water slide to install in the backyard will certainly make your kids summer. There are so many fun and interesting options to choose between, so no matter whether you're looking for double water slides, swimming pool water slides or inflatable water slides, you're sure to find something that fits your space and your budget just right.


 AquaBlast Pool Slide


Turbo Twister Pool Slide

"Maximize your pool fun! The TurboTwister slide gives your pool water park thrills-right in your own backyard! This slide was designed for maximum fun and safety for the entire family - with a super deep flume that safely accommodates children and adults, up to 275 lbs.! Standing over 7 ft. tall at the top of the runway and offering an adjustable high-volume water delivery system, this slide provides thrilling fun rides that everyone will love. Easy to install with lightweight pieces that are easy to handle, the slide assembles in less than one hour (without plumbing and deck mounting). Joints come complete with built-in sealants for a no-leak guarantee. Add some thrills to your backyard with the TurboTwister!

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