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Dolphin Water Slide

Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:34 pm
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Kids will love this Dolphin water slide! These Dolphin water slides feature heavy duty construction, sliding pathways and will provide many fun days in the water. You can find Dolphin backyard water slides, Dolphin home water slides as well as Dolphin pool water slides. To bring back a water slide to install in the backyard will certainly make your kids summer. There are so many fun and interesting options to choose between, so no matter whether you're looking for double water slides, swimming pool water slides or inflatable water slides, you're sure to find something that fits your space and your budget just right. 

“Little Dolphin Series” Water Slide

"This line of slides caters to the wants of pool owners that need more than a blue acrylic slide next to their pool, but don’t have the room or the budget for a larger sectional slide. With a variety of color choices available, we are sure to be able to add a beautiful slide to your project that doesn’t take away from the beauty of your pool. Our Little Dolphin Series comes in 2 different lengths to be sure to accommodate the area you have set aside for the slide. Both adults and children will enjoy these slides for many years to come."

"The Backyard Series” Water Slide

"Is a One Piece slide not for you? OK, we have pre-designed modular slide configurations for you to choose from or we can custom design a slide to fit your needs. Design services are free and we can redesign as many times as it takes in order to add one of our slides to the backyard pool oasis of your dreams! Compare our slide depths and widths to other companies and you’ll see that Dolphin has the deepest residential slide flume on the market, this means added safety for your family and friends."

These water slides can be found at dolphinwaterslides.net

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