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Vinyl Wire Fence

Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:51 pm
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A vinyl wire fence does not have to be difficult to find. Vinyl wire fences are practical and perfect if you want to protect your garden. You can find garden vinyl wire fences, plastic vinyl wire mash as well as protection vinyl wire mash among other models. A vinyl fence does usually fit very well with many houses and gardens. No matter whether you're looking for a vinyl ranch fence, a vinyl fence gate, a vinyl privacy fence or a vinyl rail fence, you're sure to find a model that fits your yard and your taste just fine.


Do it Best Imp/Fence 702948 Garden Fence

"Designed to protect your garden from rabbits and other small predators. Graduated mesh, 1" x 4" at the bottom to 4" x 4" on the 28" H. Welded from galvanized wire. Small mesh may be placed at ground level or buried for protection against burrowing animals"


Fence: Black Vinyl Coated Galvanized Wire Animal Control - 2 ft x 150 ft

"Place this black, vinyl coated, wire fence at the very bottom of your Deer Fence to prevent small chewing animals from getting in. Also makes great rabbit barrier when used by itself. Mesh size: 1 inch H x 1.5 inch W hexagons."

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