USA Roadtrip 2011

Feb 23 Harrisburg & Gettysburg PA

Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:39 am
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Visiting Gettysburg was our goal for the day, and it did take up a fair amount of time. Of the few museums we have visited on our trip, Gettysburg was by far the best. This historic Civil War sight was well worth a visit.

There is a museum which offers a short introductory movie, in a real movie theatern with a very wide screen, followed by a presentation in their round cyclorama room. Here you get to closely see the war at hand with the 360 degree original panorama painting of the battle scene which is accompanied by sound and light effects and a voice over. This was a very good presentation and we had a very knowledgeable guide which gave more depth and background to this impressive painting and many characters in it.

After seeing this show, we went looking around the gift and book shop, which offered a very thorough selection of civil war literature. We also went to their restaurant to see if there was anything interesting to eat, and to our surprise we found a section of period food including chili with corn bread. This chili included chopped up jalapenos, beef and beans, and was spicy and very tasty. We followed our meal with a bread pudding which also was very nice.

After eating our lunch, we went driving around their designated driving areas (Auto Tour) passing by many memorials and the wide stretches of land which the battle took place on. We also drove through the town of Gettysburg which had quite a few nice buildings, but otherwise felt rather depressing.

At night, we were in the mood for chicken noodle soup and thought that Panera might be the place to get that. After a disappointing visit, we decided to go to Friendlies and split an appetizer and dessert. A much better choice!

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