USA Roadtrip 2011

Feb 20 Portsmouth NH - Freeport ME - Albany NY

Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:23 am
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Portsmouth, NH is really one of the nicest places we have visited. It looks like an older town, with small streets and lots of walking traffic. The narrow streets have shops everywhere and the walking map we had listed a bunch of restaurants and cafes.

After taking some photos of the town we went up the Freeport, Maine to the flagship LL Bean store. It is about an hours drive and the town is right on the coast, north of Portland. 

The town and store were packed with people. There are at least two huge parking lots near the LL Bean store and they were completely full. The town had people everywhere and can only be described as a shopping meca. J Crew, Banana Republic...and every other brand you can think of line the small streets, mimicking colonial shops, but really just housing junk from China.

And that was the thing. We expected LL Bean to be "Made in America", but really everything was foreign junk. Shoes we expected to be well-made and solid were made in El Salvador. And the selection was mostly made of non-LL Bean equipment - guns, fishing poles and various camping gear you can get anywhere.

Needless to say we were disapointed and left.

So we headed out of New England and right to Albany, NY...a 5 hour drive to find greener pastures.

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