USA Roadtrip 2011

Concord & Wolfeboro, NH

Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:09 pm
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It only takes an hour to go from Concord to Wolfeboro, but the drive has little towns and shops along the way. The weather was warm for mid-February and the snow was melting in the 60 degree F temperatures.

Wolfeboro is a bit of a touristy town but the locals were all out walking around. Most of the lake was frozen and there were dozens of ice-fishing houses out on the lake. And from the looks of it snowmobiling is a frequent pastime with at least 5 machines for sale on the roadside.

The homes up here are nice, most of them painted white with black trim - very colonial looking. The area has a nice feel, although there are more people here, even in the winter than you might expect. Everything is very close, because when you go from one town to another, there are a few small towns in-between. And even in what seems like the middle of nowhere you find a Dunkin' Donuts full of cars.

There is an outlet mall right in Franklin, just north of Concord that was full of people, so everywhere along the way civilization was not far away.

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