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Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:09 am
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A Home Depot trellis would add style and sophistication to any garden. Home Depot trellises would be a nice addition to any garden or outdoor space. You can find Home Depot arbor trellises, Home Depot garden trellises as well as Home Depot grape trellises in various sizes. A garden trellis would add style and function to any patio or porch. No matter whether you're looking for arbors and trellises, cedar trellises or metal trellises, then you have several options to choose between that would fit your space and budget perfectly.


 Eden Arbors Roman Trellis

"The Roman Trellis will make a statement in your garden. Because it’s crafted from premium weather-resistant vinyl, your trellis can handle healthy plant growth without breaking the structure. And forget about peeling your vines away to paint or stain, because this trellis is maintenance free. Wood will rot away, and wrought iron will rust and burn plants when the sun shines down on the black metal. Vinyl is strong and durable, so it can cultivate healthy plant growth. We manufacture our products to create the look of wood without the maintenance."


New England Arbors Richmond Arbor

"The Richmond Arbor provides the perfect structure for any yard, garden or pathway. The flat top pergola style design is very stylish, while still offering timeless appeal. Made with premium weather-resistant vinyl, the Richmond Arbor is virtually maintenance free. Never stain, paint, or maintain your arbor again. Vinyl offers the classic look of wood without the headaches. Just the occasional rinse with a garden hose is all you need to do to keep your arbor looking great year after year."

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