Rubber Door Threshold

Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:45 am
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If your seasonal door problems are amounting to dust and dirt and grime, as well as pollen and frost, being tracked under the loose threshold of your front or garage door, then perhaps there is a solution in the form of a rubber door threshold. In the case of your garage door, just size up the needed amount of rubber door threshold and glue the needed amount to the floor of your garage. Watch the dust and leaves and pollen become a thing of the past. Picture all season protection against drafts, moisture, dust, and insects. A rubber door threshold prevents frost buildup on interior surfaces. Close your front door flush from now on with a rubber door threshold. Tightly seal your home against unwanted frost and cold and drafts.

You can find rubber thresholds, rubber patio door thresholds, as well as exterior rubber door thresholds among other products. The rubber is flexible, easy to use, and affordable. No matter whether you're looking for a garage door threshold, a door threshold seal, an interior door threshold or a front door threshold, you're sure to find an appropriate product for your particular home. These wonderful products are for both indoor and outdoor use. If you've got a particular problem with a particular door and not sure of the solution, just the problem, and if the problem is drafts and crevices and possibly insects, try a rubber door threshold and see if one doesn't correct your door's problems. Your garage may act in the same way, for there are drafts there as well. So stop drafts and frost from ruining your home's interior with a rubber door threshold.


 Storm Shield - Weather Stripping Barrier - 10 Feet

"Storm Shield weather barrier for garage doors. Garage door weather strip. 10 foot strip with 6 ounce heavy duty glue included. Save energy and keep your garage free of debris. If your garage door is like most we've seen, it doesn't quite shut evenly, leaving an irregular gap at the bottom. Dust, leaves and pollen get in, coating the floor and your cars. The easy solution? Just cut our Threshold Shield to the right length and use the included adhesive to glue it to the floor under the door."


M-D Building Products 49008 Prem. Adjust/Thermal Break Threshold, 36 Inches, Satin Nickel

"Premium adjustable threshold. All season protection against drafts, moisture, dust, and insects. Thermal break design prevents frost build up on interior surfaces"

These thresholds can be found at

Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:45 am
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